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I’m going to turn my thesis in tomorrow, and I wanted to let you know I’m thanking a lot of you in the acknowledgments. I thank a lot of IRL friends as well (though I’ve deleted their last names here). 


There are so many people that I couldn’t have finished this without.

I’d like first to thank my advisor, Cara Moyer, for encouraging me in my topic, reminding me of what needed clarification and defining for people unfamiliar with fandom, for setting deadlines (even if I failed miserably in meeting them) and sending me reminders, for giving me feedback more quickly than I had any right to expect or deserve, and for being amazingly patient and understanding.

I’d like to thank my friends Liza and Marcy, for introducing me to fandom in the first place and squeeing right along with me. I’d like to thank Marissa K. for rewatching episodes of Sherlock with me, pausing every other minute to pick out themes, motifs, and symbols, ways the narrative succeeded and places where it didn’t make any sense, instances of blatant sexism, and more. Jenni P., Melinda T., Olivia B., Katie O. — you’re all inspirations to me every day.

I’d like to thank all of the acafans like Kristina Busse, Henry Jenkins, Cornel Sandvoss, Anne Jamison, and so, so many more, for fighting to make fandom something to take seriously, inside academia and out. And fandom reporters at the Daily Dot, like Aja Romano and Gavia Baker-Whitlaw, for documenting major occurrences in fandom and raising fan voices and fan concerns.

I’d like to thank members of the Sherlock fandom, and the fic writers, meta writers, and fan artists in particular, for being so smart, observant, enthusiastic, creative, ridiculous, dedicated, talkative, analytical, prolific, and yes, problematic too. I’d like to thank those who make my experience in fandom and online better, whether they’re in the Sherlock fandom or distance themselves from it as much as possible (understandably). There are too many of you to name, but I’ll try my best: saathi1013, professorfangirl, acafanmom, sallydonovan, officergrimly (formerly itsusuallysubtext, before that mycrycroft, girl how many times are you going to change your URL for goodness’ sake, this makes it hard to credit you), fallingsherlocks, orcabelly, felixandria, joolabee, keepcalm-anddontpanic, violethuntress, deadspy, bunniarty, killerkhaleesi, the-black-fangirl, wiggle-of-judas, itrhymeswithcannibal, shadedareas, hobbitbutt, havingbeenbreathedout, and many more. Thanks as well to destinationtoast and centrumlumina for surveying fandom and compiling statistics, which are so, so important. Ladies, gents, and non-binary friends, people like you make fandom worthwhile.

Last but not least, I’d like to thank Sarah, for convincing me I could finish this, and for loving me every step of the way. 


(If you would like your url removed from this for any reason, please let me know!)

For those who weren’t aware, the above blog has been my thesis blog for the past several months. I wrote about how fandom does and doesn’t work as a feminist platform; I’ll be providing a link to it soon (as soon as I, er, finish the conclusion). Thanks again to all of you! (And also for those of you who yelled at me to get off Tumblr when necessary!) You’re all amazing.


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A Continuity Timeline of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, minus Q&As



While trying to convince a friend to watch Our Hallowed Lizzie Bennet Diaries, said friend stated that watching the series “seemed like a lot of work” while I was mid-rave about the characters other than Lizzie also having plot-relevant videos and how much depth they gave the show.
She’s kind of right, when you think about it. Especially when you’re just jumping into LBD now, it can be intimidating to track down all the external vlog channels and make sure you’re actually getting the whole wonderful experience. And the scattershot nature of all these plots make convincing someone to watch every single related vlog (which is so fucking worth it) difficult, to say the least.
So I compiled a list. This list. A continuity timeline of every LBD and LBD-related episode spanning four different vlog channels and several months of dedicated work from the Pemberley Digital team. Minus the Q&As (sorry) — although anyone who wants to reblog and add them is certainly more than welcome to do so.
Hopefully this will make welcoming new fans into the loving embrace of LBD a hundred times easier, less intimidating, and more enjoyable. We all know the Lizzie Bennet Diaries is a hilarious, heartbreaking, and ultimately life changing experience. I hope this list makes it a little easier to share it. Enjoy!
START: My Name is Lizzie Bennet (1)
STOP (after): Mom’s Convoluted Plan (26)
START: Boredom (1)
STOP (after): Going Home (7)
(You can intercut these episodes with Lizzie’s beginning with Welcome to Netherfield, one Lizzie and one Lydia until you run out of Lydia, or you can blow through them all at once. They take place concurrently.)
START: Welcome to Netherfield (27)
STOP (after): Not Paranoid (49)
START: Intro to Vlogging - Maria of the Lu (1)
STOP (after): Without Reservation (7)
(Again, these take place concurrently with Lizzie’s episodes following Best Friends Forever, and you can intercut between Lizzie’s diary and Maria’s vlogs if you want. Or you can watch them all at once. Again, the important thing to note is that they take place at the same time.)
START: Moving On (50)
STOP (after): Giving Thanks (66)
START: Miss Me Yet? (8)
STOP (after): Totes Thanksgiving (T)
(Same as before, these videos run concurrently with Lizzie’s trip to Collins and Collins.)
START: Back Home Again (67)
STOP (after): 2+1 (73)
START: Dear Lizzie
STOP (after): Dear Lizzie
(This video occurs just after 2+1 and affects the story in How to Hold a Grudge. I don’t know why it’s not in Lydia’s main playlist, but here we are.)
START: How to Hold a Grudge (74)
STOP (after): Wishing Something Universal (76)
START: Vegas, Bitches!! (20)
STOP (after): Surprise! (22)
(Do NOT intercut these — they occur between Wishing Something Universal and Tour Leader, not during.)
Here’s where it gets a little tricky. As with the other character offshoot videos, Lydia’s final saga happens concurrently with Lizzie’s time at Pemberly Digital. Unlike the other character offshoot videos, however, I really do feel like intercutting Lizzie and Lydia’s videos during this period is not just a suggestion, but crucial to the full emotional gravitas of the story. So I’m going to specifically list the episodes in the order you should watch them, jumping between Lizzie and Lydia:
START: Ugh (84)
STOP (after): Okay (88)
START: Demonstration (1)
STOP: Return (6)
(Concurrent with the early episodes of Lizzie’s return home, but I’d actually suggest not intercutting these.)
START: Insomnia (89)
END: The End (100)

i-see-sams-town watched this whole thing without my guide because she couldn’t find it and it’s stressing me out so HERE IT IS WORLD WATCH THIS SHOW IN THIS ORDER OR WATCH IT AGAIN LIKE I’M ABOUT TO DO RIGHT NOW

If anyone is ever curious about where my weird dedication to television comes from A LOT OF IT COMES FROM ANDREA SHEA